Stepping in Love : Love til it hurts

This series is entitled Stepping in Love. All families, traditional or blended, have to make the daily choice to walk in love. This means that we choose tenderness when we feel like being nasty. This means we hold our tongues when we think someone deserves a tongue-lashing. On the other side of this coin, it also means that we maintain communication lines when we are tempted to give someone the silent treatment.


Stepfamilies represent new beginnings. They are a chance to make things right, to find love again and to be part of a family. Notwithstanding the challenges, they are an opportunity for redemption. The only way they will be successful is if people choose to love unconditionally. That is to love another person and expect nothing in return. Sometimes nothing is better than something because you might get anger, resentment, defiance and a host of other unexpected things in return. Still, you continue to express kindness, because that’s what it means to walk in love. Sometimes I feel like I’ve failed more than I’ve succeeded in this area, but I know that if I continue to make steps in love, my home will radiate with kindness, peace, grace and humor. In the end, the pain is always worth it.


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