Your love was a seed

Your love was a seed that grew in my heart
Planted deep within my secret parts
This love is intense, it’s taken root
It’s grown up strong from a tiny shoot
It’s a thing of beauty and I know it’s alive
I need it to breath, I need it to thrive.
It’s filling my soul and feeding my senses
It’s given me shelter when I’ve felt defenseless

It was tended with truth and watered with words
Through good and bad times, laughter was heard
At times it felt frail for its limbs weren’t yet strong
It would endure trials, some painful and long
Then wind came at night and fierce rain in the day
And it seemed that our tree would be driven away
It was broken and bent, withered and dried
Our tree was destroyed and was left to die.

Soon all that was left was death and decay
All that we held had been stolen away
There were tears and sadness, anguish and pain
It seemed as though it had all been in vain
We wept for our tree and began to mourn
But in the face of death, something new was reborn
We had come to endure the way of the cross
Before beauty and life must come heartache and loss

Our love had matured and grown to be strong
It was firmly planted, with roots deep in the ground
We did not see how this life had begun
But it had been strengthened from the Light of the Son
This seed has grown into a beautiful tree
Beaten and humbled, but alive for all to see
Our tree was a gift, designed by the Creator
When storms came our way, This Love was greater.

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