What’s in your hand?

Let me ask you a question. What’s in your hand? Chances are you’re holding a smart phone, a tablet or a laptop computer. At the end of 2013, over 1.5 billion people owned smartphones. That means that 1 in 5 of the world’s population is connected to the internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can check their emails, crush candy, watch video, book vacations, pay bills and the list goes on. This number is set to double by 2015, according to Fivestar Equities Research.  For tech-savvy investors and startups, the opportunity at their fingertips is more than they can bear to pass up.

“What’s that in your hand?” God asked Moses this same question when he was preparing him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt (Exodus 4:2). Moses had very little in his hands.  He held only his shepherd’s staff. There was nothing special about it, but when God’s power was applied to it, that staff became the source of the miraculous. It turned into a snake that swallowed up another snake. It made water spring forth from a rock. Let’s not forget that every time Moses waved it, a plague fell upon the Egyptians (Exodus 7-11). It was the rod that would eventually part the Red Sea and lead the children of Israel out of captivity into their deliverance.

Moses didn’t think he had anything to offer God or the Israelites. He was an on-the-run murderer who happened to have a stutter. Not exactly the resumé you would have on the top of the pile. He went from ruling in the palace to toiling as a shepherd. Talk about a demotion. The rod was probably a constant reminder of the lengths to which he had “fallen” but God would use it for an entirely different purpose. Through this rod, God would lead the people out of Israel and would use Moses as His ambassador. Perhaps Moses struggled with feelings of inadequacy. Even though he was adopted into royalty, he must have had questions about why his birth family abandoned him.  Perhaps he had regrets from his past, like the time he murdered the man. Let’s not forget the burning bush. Did God really use a tree to speak to him? Despite his regrets and personal misgivings, God used Moses and that very thing in his hand to bring forth deliverance.

Let’s go back to your smart phone. What are you using it for? Everything God gives us is meant to be stewarded. If God can use a piece of wood to part the sea, He will certainly use our advanced technology to reach the billions of people who need deliverance. The world is literally at our fingertips and the online realm has become our greatest harvest field. Even though God loved the people of Egypt, the land represented bondage to the people of Israel. Without Christ, many people are living in bondage to sin. We have their deliverance through the Gospel of Christ. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other social media platforms to share the love of Christ. Even though the internet is used largely for evil purposes, anything that we give to Christ can become a powerful tool in our hands.

Churches have awakened to the power of social media as a tool for the Gospel. One such ministry that is taking advantage of this opportunity is Set Apart Church. They are an online church that exists for people who are unable or unwilling to attend traditional church. They recognize the fact that, thanks in part to the power of technology, the modern day church is a “church without walls”. They offer online sermons, devotionals and even a prayer center. God is not limited by geography. The only thing that limits Him is our inaction and lack of faith in His ability. Look down at your hand one more time. The world is at your fingertips. You just might be holding the instrument that leads to someone’s deliverance.

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