No Idris Elba, I will not marry you!

My husband knows quite a lot of famous people, but oddly enough, neither of us is particularly star-struck. We don’t name-drop or brag about the times we’ve spent with celebrities. Don’t get me wrong, I respect their talent but I was never the kid who had boy-band posters up on my wall or the woman who referred to myself as Mrs. Depp. I do however, have dreams about them wanting to meet me.

Just this past Sunday night, I had a dream that Idris Elba was stalking me. He spotted me from a hotel balcony and fell instantly in love. He told me I was Absolutely Fabulous.  I told him I wasn’t interested in being one of his Girlfriends, but apparently, he was Obsessed. He told me I was the One Love he had wished for This Christmas. I had to give him The Gospel truth. I  am happily married to my husband and we entered into a Human Contract many years ago on our wedding day. I told him that  if his heart wasn’t on the mend 28 Weeks Later, he should talk with his doctor at The Office so he could get his feelings Sorted. I reassured him that although I was extremely flattered by his pursuit,  his Legacy would have to be among The Losers of my heart. I told him a good-looking, successful man like him wouldn’t be Alive Alone much longer because Sometimes in April spring fever causes people to fall in love. At this point, I was relieved to be brought back to reality by my 4 year old, because I couldn’t think of any more ways to let him down using his filmography.

I have this type of dream often enough that I googled the interpretation. Not surprisingly, I found references to over-inflated egos and the pursuit of adoration. That didn’t really fit me. On the opposite side, I read that dreams about actors mean that you’re struggling with insecurity. I didn’t really like that one either. This is the one I settled on –

If you dream of famous people this portends that you will soon see an increase in your prosperity and a rise to you own place of honor. If you dream of yourself having fame and fortune then you must take the dream in reverse and expect disappointments in your field of endeavors. (

Idris, even though it won’t work out with us, you helped me learn something about myself. I’m an egotistical, insecure woman who is about to blow it up! Keep your head up. You will find love one day and remember that No Good Deed ever goes unrewarded.

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