Winning Pins – My top 3 Pinterest Pins

Even though writing is my first love, there was a time when pinning images to an online pin board came in a close second. I curated a few Boards based on my interests, tried to come up with catchy titles for my boards and began to pin away. It was a fun obsession for a while. As it stands, I have 25 Boards, 980 pins, 169 Likes and 575 Followers. I follow 169 Boards. Day 6 of the Zero to Hero challenge involved creating a post in a format that you wouldn’t normally use. I decided to do a post based on a Green Breakfast Smoothie recipe I had pinned to my “Dining Well and Eating for Life” Board.

While I was on Pinterest, I noticed there was a lot of activity that I hadn’t been aware of, since I’m in the habit of turning off all social media notifications, except for WordPress. It turns out that my top three pins range from celebrity fashion to homemade Christmas decorations. There’s no correlation between the three except for the fact that a lot of people seem to like pretty people and things.

These are my most popular pins:

1. Jennifer Aniston Effortless Style (from Timeless Style Board) Stats: 885 Pins and 147 Likes

Jennifer Aniston Effortless Style

Jennifer Aniston Effortless Style

2. Pinetree Christmas Decoration (from Holidays Board) Stats: 814 Pins and 200 Likes

PInetree Christmas Decoration

PInetree Christmas Decoration

3. Fall Nails (from Nails Board) Stats: 716 Pins and 146 Likes

Fall Nails

Fall Nails

To see more, visit my Pinterest page:

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