Who do I identify with?

In my process to become a better blogger, I’ve decided to participate in various blogging challenges. One such challenge is the Zero to Hero challenge. Today’s task is to publish a Round-Up on three other blogs and tell my readers why they should check them out. I considered writing about amazing mothers who have mastered the work/life balance. I also thought about linking back to my favorite alkaline recipes. I especially wanted to share my thoughts on why we should all #LeaveJustinAlone and organize a boycott of the sites that have been overexposing the life of a troubled pop-star. Believe me, I love blogging about family, food and fame,  but these subjects just didn’t feel right today.  I felt an overwhelming compulsion to write about the injustice and exploitation that is happening all over our world. My round-up includes links to the persecuted church, an ongoing human rights case happening in Guyana and a woman who has dedicated her life to ending sex trafficking.

I’ve been keenly aware of the persecuted church ever since I was a teenager. The pastor of my church believed in educating  his members about this often forgotten segment of believers. It was an issue that was close to his heart and I believe I inherited some of that passion. I will never forget the day he told us that more Christians have been martyred this century than all other centuries combined. If we truly believe in the concept of “The Body” there is no way we can ignore our brothers and sisters who are being killed and tortured for their faith in Christ.

1. The Insanity of Obedience by Nik Ripken

I plan to buy this book as soon as I’m done with this post. I often feel like something is missing in my faith walk and that I’m always searching for something deeper to live for. The publishers product description encourages believers to escape their “safe Christianity” and find something greater. The name of this post comes from something the author asks us.  “Do I want to identify with the person in chains or do I want to identify with the person that chained them?”


2. The continuing Colwyn Harding case

2. My latest post Let justice flow down like waters brings attention to a situation that is happening in Guyana involving police brutality. I encourage you to read more about this case as it unfolds.


3. Putting an end to human trafficking

Some months ago, I visited an LV church where a young woman shared how she escaped sex slavery. It was a pretty amazing night because that was the first time some of the members of her church, including the pastor, had heard her story. She has dedicated her life to freeing women and girls from the sex trade and is an amazing example of hope in the midst of horrible tragedy. I invite you all to Dream with SJ in her mission to end human trafficking.


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