Zero to Hero: Who I am and why I’m here

I realized that my book-to-blog site was starting to feel a little austere. The main reason for this is that I tend to take my online persona far too seriously. The real-world me is actually much more fun than my virtual self.

I want to write about serious content related to my book, but I also want to write about my lovably crazy family. I want to write about celebrities and their strange and fabulous lives. I want to do product/book/movie reviews because IMHO, my opinion is pretty valuable (and so is yours).

I realize that I don’t have to be one-dimensional. I can present the different facets of my personality and my life, and hopefully have something meaningful to contribute to readers who are kind enough to look into my world.

I’m looking forward to becoming a better writer after this challenge and taking myself a little less seriously (some of the time).

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