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I’m doing some research for my book, Altar Egos, and I need your help! Leadership is one of the most debated and studied areas, yet there is no clear consensus on what actually works. I need your perspectives on leadership. Are you a servant-leader? What makes a great leader? What makes a bad leader? Why do think some leaders fail? Share your thoughts, ideas, even your questions on the topic of leadership.

I need you to do two things for me.

  1. Leave a comment on this post with your thoughts and perspectives about leadership.
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One contributor will win an iTunes gift card valued at $50 for taking the time to sound off. It might be you! Don’t forget to share this link with others who might have something to say.

One thought on “Altar Egos – Leadership Perspectives $50 iTunes giveaway

  1. Hi Gail, thank you for opening this discussion. I have only general thoughts to share on the topic, rather than any prescriptive suggestions, so I hope that is still helpful to you. I have observed that we humans tend to gravitate toward a hierarchical form of leadership in most instances, and church leadership is no exception. Just as the Israelites asked for a king back in the days of the judges, and were warned that this was not necessarily the best form of leadership for them, still they insisted. It seems that we tend to want a “king” leader to take on most of the relevant duties and responsibilities so that we can, to some extent, “rest” in his all encompassing leadership and get on with our day jobs. Problems invariably arise when the king becomes either genuinely incompetent or is even just deemed incompetent by his followers when they disagree with his decision making. Surely it is another common human tendency to place another on a throne only to tear down his throne in time, when we do not agree with his decisions.

    On the flip side of this coin I guess, from the perspective of the leader, is our tendency to rather enjoy a position of power and authority, so perhaps the king also does not protest enough, when his followers raise him up. After all, he is only fulfilling the role that the people have steered him toward?

    This happens in every sphere of leadership, but also within the church where I guess we should know better. How many pastors are not suffering burnout from carrying the full weight of the work and responsibility of a congregation, while the congregation, not realising the extent of the burden of kingship, sit back and criticise instead of coming alongside him.

    The solution to every problem is found somewhere in the pages of the bible, and I believe that the bible clearly promotes the ideal (Jesus modelled) form of leadership – which is the humble servant leader, in an environment where the entire congregation serves one another in love and humility and nobody sits back waiting to be entertained or served. In this context those who are truly in need will always have their needs met, and the rest of the community will be so busy serving that they will not have time to sit back and criticise leaders and programs which could actually simply use more hands. I think that Jesus modelled this “feet washing” form of leadership so beautifully for us, but we seem to keep reverting to more “Kingdom style” churches…to the detriment of all.

    What do you think, Gail?

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