Playing God

Though far from an authority on the subject, Hollywood largely shapes the spiritual lives of many people. Celebrities are beautiful, successful and wealthy beyond our imaginations, so that might explain why we want to be like them. We get our hair cut so we can look like Jen, we exercise to get Angelina’s legs and take voice lessons to sound like Christina. We think that if we do the things they do, we might have a chance of being more like them. There was a surge in Kabbalah membership when Madonna first joined the church. Though it’s taken a PR hit as of late, many people chose to join Scientology because Tom Cruise was part of the church.

In a recent interview by Foxnews, Morgan Freeman was asked if he believes in God. He goes on to make some interesting statements. Namely, that he is God and that God was created in his image. Those are some pretty bold statements that you better be able to live up to. You may remember that he played God in Bruce Almighty back in 2003. That counts, doesn’t it? Perhaps he’s taken his method acting a little farther than most actors and remained in character for nine years.

I know I just finished talking about all the things we love about celebrities, but let’s face it, they’re really no different than you or I. They’re mere humans who happened to be at the right place at the right time and became famous as a result of it. If I’m going to believe in God, He’s going to have to bring much more to the table than any celebrity can offer.

As much as I enjoy Morgan Freeman’s acting, I really hope that God wasn’t created in his image, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say God was modelled after him. What really sets this man apart? He’s acted in a lot of movies and won some awards, but there are some who have been in more movies and won more awards so his acting skills don’t qualify him.

Morgan Freeman isn’t the only famous person who has claimed to be God. The notorious cult leader, Jim Jones, who orchestrated the mass suicide in Guyana initially claimed to be “Christ” and then eventually began to refer to himself as God. Jay Carter, aka Jay-Z seems to have this same God-complex. Though he may not have come up with the name Jay-Hova, he willingly accepts it for himself. Jesus Christ made this claim too. If He were being interviewed by Foxnews in 2012, his answers would be exactly the same as Mr. Freemans. “Yes, I believe in God (no pause) because I AM God.”

Jesus said “If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing. My Father, whom you claim as your God, is the One who glorifies me” John 8:54

Morgan Freeman is not God. Neither is Jay-Z, nor was the late Jim Jones. It takes much more than possessing some incredible ability to be God because deity is not about talent, charisma or miraculous rhyming skills. Jesus’ claims to divinity was based on His sinless life, something that no human will ever be able to claim.

Yes, Jesus made this claim for himself, but it was based on truth. There are countless prophesies that have been fulfilled concerning his life along with historical evidence supporting his claims. These men make their false claims based on their own opinions and the opinions of other people. The spirit of anti-Christ is at work in their lives and they are being used to deceive other people. The bible says they are deluded because they have chosen to worship what has been created rather than worshipping the Creator. We can rejoice that as long as they have life they can still be recipients of God’s truth and come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ – the one, true God.

Will Morgan Freeman’s admission of deity lead to a wave of copycats who believe they too are God? Most likely, yes, but unlike some of the others that have come before, let’s hope he realizes he is a man created in the image of God for an eternal purpose, and doesn’t remain a man who is deceived and is simply playing God.

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