Father of Lights versus the father of lies


Satan is called the father of lies. Though his strategies remain the same – to steal, kill and destroy – he gives birth each day to new lies that are tailor-made for you and me. He is careful to form and fashion lies that will most effectively steal our joy, kill the work God has started in us and destroy relationships – leaving us isolated and without purpose. He lies about the nature of God, the world we live in, and about other believers. He especially loves to lie to us about each other. He accuses us before God, before one another and perhaps most harmfully, before ourselves. When he attempts to go before the Father, God sees us through the blood of Jesus and He immediately declares us righteous and clean. The Bible says our lives are hidden in Christ Jesus and Satan always fails when he tries to do this. So he moves on.

Next, he convinces us that the world is out to get us. He uses past hurts and experiences to shape our futures. How can I be worthy of love? I was abused as a child; my father abandoned me; my spouse left me. He shouts these words into our ears so that we can’t hear anything else. He continues to shout “You’re not worthy of love, success, encouragement or any good thing. Those people didn’t love you, therefore, you must be worthless.”  If we believe this liar, we end up alone – rejecting love from other people and from God. But God is love – it’s not just what He does, it’s who He is. GOD CAN’T STOP LOVING US. God continually pursues us and continually reaches out to us. God calls to us in a still, small voice, knowing that a wounded soul won’t respond to shouting.

Our past doesn’t determine our future – our choices do. We can choose to live our lives believing and operating from deception; or we can choose to receive God’s love to the fullest. If satan can convince us to elevate our thinking above Christ’s – then he can inflict all the damage He wants. He knows better than we do at times, that God’s Word and principles are life-changing and will transform us. What does Christ say about us? We are redeemed, we are free, we are cleansed, we are more than conquerors….we are beloved.When we choose to believe anything other than what God says of us, we walk in the sin of pride because we’ve elevated our opinion above God’s.

Our past doesn’t determine our future – our choices do

The father of lies is well acquainted with the Father of Lights. He fears him. We need to know that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of Lights, in whom there is no shadow of turning.” So this means to me, despite my past, my failures and every weakness I carry in my being, God ‘s love for me never changes. He always loves me. God’s love is indescribable and it’s impossible to imagine it’s depth and magnitude. When the Father of Light casts even a glance on the father of lies – the truth is exposed, and the lies that he’s crafted lose all their power. What is the truth? The truth is that satan is a liar who is out to steal, kill and destroy all people. God says I am His Beloved (truth). Satan says I’m not worthy (lie). Who I choose to believe will make the difference in how I live my life. The choice is mine.

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